Play opens windows of opportunity.

PlayWrite Therapy offers children's occupational therapy services in our San Francisco center. We offer evaluations, consultations, weekly occupational therapy treatment sessions, and summer intensives. We also provide home and school based occupational therapy consultations and in-service training for teachers and parents.

Occupational Therapy Assessment:

An occupational therapy assessment is critical to understanding your child's strengths and challenges; and needs to be completed prior to starting treatment. The evaluation includes standardized assessment; clinical observation; parent interview; and a teacher interview and school visit if necessary. Our goal during the evaluation process is to establish a baseline of skills, provide recommendations for ongoing therapy (if needed); provide strategies and activities for home and school; and provide parent education. Following your child's evaluation, a parent meeting will be scheduled to discuss the evaluation results, recommendations, and answer any questions you may have. A school meeting can also be scheduled to review evaluation results with your child's teachers.


Following your child's evaluation, treatment will begin to address the areas identified in the evaluation. Although treatment often looks like play, the therapist frequently adapts activities that are chosen by the child to provide the "just right challenge" for success. When a child is intrinsically motivated by an activity, they learn faster and are more likely to generalize the skills acquired during therapy sessions. Our goal is to build foundational skills so that the child can learn in his or her natural environment and build upon his or her foundation. Both play and novelty are important for brain development.


We provide consultation at home and at school as needed to educate parents and teachers; provide home and school activity programs; and provide strategies to help your child succeed in a variety of settings.

Summer Intensives:

During the summer, children can attend therapy sessions 3-5 times each week for several weeks as an intensive therapy session. This is a good option for families who will be away for a large part of the summer or for children who do not have time for occupational therapy during the school year.

Parent and Teacher In-Service Training:

We provide in-services for parents and teachers on topics such as sensory integration, fine motor skills and handwriting, and self-regulation (The Zones of Regulation and The Alert Program).

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